Introducing GPT Archiver, the WordPress plugin that makes it easy to import ChatGPT archive JSON files as WordPress posts.

With GPT Archiver, you can easily turn your ChatGPT archives into a private searchable index built on WordPress. Search, Tag, Categorize all your ChatGPT conversations

GPT Archiver is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, even for those who have no experience with programming or web development. Simply install the plugin, activate it, and start importing your ChatGPT archives as WordPress posts.

With GPT Archiver, you can choose between two different import modes:

Archive Mode, which imports each chat as single post in conversation style between you and ChatGPT. You can customize the labels used for the user and assistant in the chat archive, as well as the CSS styles for the chat bubbles. There’s syntax highlighting for code snippets too.

Article Mode creates a new post for each interaction in a single chat. This is ideal for creating content based on prompting ChatGPT with your own information.

GPT Archiver is currently only available to WPUnite Customers.


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